Debunking Object-Orientation

What is an Object? What is the essence of the object pardigm? How do objects differ from other abstractions? What are their benefits? What are their pitfalls? Can we encode objects with lower building blocks? Should we have objects all the way down?

Some people think they are clever to observe that OOP has no formal, universal definition. Democracy, love and intelligence don’t either. — Tweet from Allain de Boton

Some thoughts:

And for the haters:

One thought on “Debunking Object-Orientation”

  1. Object oriented programing had its time and is gone. There is just such a beauty to JSON oriented programming that once you’ve stumbled upon it you’ll never ever would want to go back to object land with its instance-private hell. Hashes, arrays, some functions and a concise syntax for hash and array literals is all most programs will ever need.

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