Debuggers: Theory and Practice

In “Not on the shelves“, Greg Wilson writes reviews about non-existing books, including one called “Debuggers: Theory and Practice”. It’s an entertaining and insightful read.

It made me curious about how such a book could look like and I gathered a selection of interesting articles about debugging and tried to organize them in a few sections. I wish I were more knowledable on the topic and had enough references to split section III into one section “exploring executions” and another one “strategies for debugging”.

Part I: Foundation

Chapter 1: Failures, Errors, Faults
Chapter 2: What is Debugging?
Chapter 3: Debuggers are Reflective Programs

Part II: Reproducing Bugs (Reproducing Failures)

Chapter 1: Every bug is a test not yet written
Chapter 2: Record and Replay
Chapter 3: Execution Synthesis
Chapter 4: Reproducing Crashes with Recrash

Part III: Fixing Bugs (Identifying Faults)

Chapter 1: The Art of System.out
Chapter 2: Asking Why Questions with the Whyline
Chapter 3: Scriptable Time-Travel Debugging with First-Class Trace
Chapter 4: Back-in-Time Alias Debugging
Chapter 5: Object-centric Debugger
Chapter 6: Debugging Concurrent Programs

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