Mind Blown

There’s lots of things to learn and know. Some are funny trivialities, some are joyful discoveries, some are intriguing theories, some are insightful lessons, … and some are mind-blowing revelations.

Here’s my top 10. Some of them still blow my mind!

Things are only impossible until they’re not. — Jean-Luc Picard

Have fun!

  1. Public-key cryptography
  2. Lamport’s bakery algorithm for mutual exclusion
  3. Meta-circular evaluation and homoiconicity
  4. Storing state with flip-flop
  5. 0.999… = 1
  6. Non-Euclidean Geometry
  7. Imaginary numbers
  8. The necessity of axiom of choice
  9. Fixed-point combinator
  10. Escape velocity

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