Glassfish mysteries #1: JavaMail

Here are all posts of this serie on Glassfish.

This serie of post will cover some problems we experienced with Glassfish. Let’s start with a few easy ones related to JavaMail. These one are not blocking but rather annoying.

Lookup from JNDI

There’s a bug in Glassfish v2ur2 that prevent you from getting the JavaMail session directly. You will need to use the following code

Context ic = new InitialContext();
MailConfiguration conf = (MailConfiguration)
Session session =
javax.mail.Session.getInstance( conf.getMailProperties(),null );

Custom properties

There are some obscure rules to follow if you plan to add custom properties in your JNDI mail entry. We can read in the Glassfish documentation: “”Every property name must start with a mail- prefix. The Application Server changes the dash (-) character to a period (.) in the name of the property, then saves the property to the MailConfiguration and JavaMail Session objects. If the name of the property doesn’t start with mail-, the property is ignored.”

SMTP + authentication

There are no standard properties to deal with SMTP authentication. If you need to support authentication you will need to rely on custom properties. Here is the code that we’ve been using:

String auth = session.getProperty("mail.smtp.auth"); //
String pwd = session.getProperty("mail.smtp.password");

if ((auth != null) && new Boolean(auth))
Transport transport = session.getTransport("smtp");
transport.connect(conf.getMailHost(), conf.getUsername(), pwd);
transport.sendMessage(msg, msg.getAllRecipients());


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